Rhythm 'n Ribs, a three-day championship BBQ and music festival was held the last weekend of July 2017.

As we had hoped and planned, it was a great way to spend a mid-summer weekend with music, great food and a few cold ones, all in support of the work of The Health Foundation of East Central Saskatchewan.

Talk to those who attended -- they had fun, and have been telling us we need to hold another Rhythm 'n Ribs. Our goal was 15,000 people over three days and we exceeded that. We met all our expectations: people enjoyed the event, the music was great, people were up on their feet dancing in the evening and the food was amazing.

The BBQ vendors were also pleased. They know we will grow and by the end of the show they had a lot of helpful tips for next year based on other events they go to. They are looking forward to coming back next year.

There will be a 2018 Rhythm n’ Ribs, with the date still to be determined, but most likely the same as this year, the weekend before the August long weekend.

This is the kind of event that cannot happen without volunteers, and we thank them! 

More than 150 volunteers worked over the three days. The committee will be looking for more volunteers for next year, partly because its expects more people to attend, but also because they learned a few things and will do some things differently next year. 


See you in 2018!


'n ribs