​Rhythm ‘n Ribs assists healthcare, will be back next year

The co-chairs of the Rhythm ‘n Ribs committee, Bruce Thurston and Ron Skinner, announced today that the event was a huge success financially, in attendance and in just how much fun everyone had. 

“This year was a huge success,” said Bruce Thurston. “We raised $38,782, which The Health Foundation can put toward the purchase of new equipment for the lab in the Yorkton Regional Hospital and we held an event that is good for Yorkton and region.” 

“Our goal when we started organizing this event two years ago was to create something that people would enjoy, that people would attend in large numbers and to have it be a free event that would be family friendly; the kind of event that would have something for everyone over the three days,” continued Mr. Thurston. “We think we’ve succeeded. That’s not to say we won’t be tweaking the event and trying to make it better, because we will be, but we think we’re on the right path and people are pleased with how everything is set up.”  

Mr. Skinner added, “Over 15,000 attended Rhythm ‘n Ribs again this year, so people must enjoy it. Last year was our first year and people were curious about the event, but they came out in huge numbers for a first year event. This year it was a busy weekend with a lot of competing activities, and the event still grew.” 

“We are pleased to be able to contribute $38,782 to The Health Foundation for medical equipment. Clearly this is an event worth continuing, and we are happy to announce Rhythm ‘n Ribs will be held again next year; the same last weekend of July.”

Rhythm ‘n Ribs will remain free  

The committee was proud to announce that there will be no charge to attend Rhythm ‘n Ribs again next year. Their goal is to have this event remain free of charge so anyone can attend. The committee wants the event to be family friendly, and having no admission fee is part of that. Bring the kids and listen to the music at no charge; on Sunday there  will continue to be activities like bouncy castles and laser tag and other event for kids, all at no charge. 

“We listened to our guests last year who told us they wanted more food vendors, more bands, and longer hours. We did all of those things and we think the changes were good and what people wanted. We will continue to seek input from everyone who attends so we can keep making positive changes” Mr. Thurston noted. 

“We look forward to seeing everyone again next year.”



'n ribs


july 26, 27 & 28, 2019